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5 Tips to Easily Win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode


These 5 Tips to Easily Win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode will prove to be useful if followed correctly and effectively. PUBG Mobile TDM mode or Team DeathMatch Mode was introduced in the latest update version 0.13.0 during the current season 7. We have already posted our review of this TDM Mode and few tips. Today. we would once again like to include more detailed tips. So we came up with 5 Tips To Easily Win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode.

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As we have mentioned in our review (above link), the TDM Mode in PUBG Mobile gives a whole new level of experiencing PUBG Mobile. It’s intense and fast-paced with limited time and a mission to get 40 kills to win the game. So here are the top 5 tips to Easily win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode with your friends. It is also applicable if you are playing with other unknown players.

5 Tips to Win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode

Get Control customization settings Ready

This is the first of the 5 tips to win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode. First thing before playing any match in PUBG Mobile to customize your control settings to suitably fit your gaming comfort. This is particularly important when you change devices or play from a different device temporarily. Even if you are playing on your regular smartphone, make sure to check that the settings are to your best favor.


Sometimes it so happened that you may miss when pressing the fire button or the crouch button. So this is a very important tip.

Always Turn On Auto-Matching

Another very important tip to win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode is to make the best use of the 4vs4 match by setting auto-matching on. Even if there are no partners to add, turning on auto matching will enable you to fill the 4 team member slots so you have maximum team members utilized. This is the second-best option from playing with already known friends or recent teammates.

Make Use of the Best Weapon Combination

As with the classic mode, you can carry two weapons in TDM Mode. Making the best selection of weapons is very important in order to win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode. While some may prefer two ARs – one with 5.56mm rounds and the other with 7.62mm rounds. It’s also a good choice to keep a bolt action rifle such as Kar98K and an AR. Kar98K has one shot one kill in TDM Mode if you have seen. It’s worth the try.

Choose a Proper Cover for Stealth

The warehouse features a lot of wooden boxes and covers which can protect you from the enemy’s bullets. It’s up to you to choose the side of the middle area. My favorite is that of the hall’s corner boxes where you climb up a box and take the higher ground. This way you can surprise your enemies when they come to hunt for you. It’s also a good way to get the first and silent kill especially if you combine with the above tip to win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode.

Team Game Plan and Back-Up

This comes down to the player’s combination to back each other up and provide reinforcement. This way even when you get killed, your teammates will be up behind you to take down your enemies. In many cases, they also help you assist and two member shooting is way more effective than single-person shooting alone.


The TDM Mode is a limited time hot match. These 5 tips along with other factors such as your device performance and internet connectivity will define your overall experience. Considering all these to be normal and no issues, the rest is up to the skills of the players and team combination. We hope you get the max kill and max K/D ratio and win PUBG Mobile TDM Mode.

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