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Active Companion in PUBG Mobile | Where to Find It?


One of the latest feature of the popular game is the Active Companion in PUBG Mobile. So you love PUBG Mobile and are a regular player? We got some thing you might be interested in. PUBG Mobile comes with regular updates adding new and improved features for players across the globe. One of the is the Active companion. So where can you find active companion in PUBG Mobile maps?

Active Companion in PUBG Mobile is the White Eagle

PUBG Mobile chooses the White Eagle as the active companion for players. This active companion was added in the recent update version 0.12.0. If you have are not aware of it, you will find the option in your Lobby. Look at the bottom left near the chat/messages button and you will find the eagle. This active companion in PUBG Mobile is expected to guide and assist you in your hunt in the game. However the feature when selected shows “no active companion found”.

This is because the feature is not available yet but it will be, very soon. The good news is that though the feature is not fully functional yet, you can find Active companion in the game now. I will tell you where you can find.

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Find Active Companion in PUBG Mobile in Sanhok Map

In Sanhok Map, you can find Active companion inside the cave. Whenever you jump off the plane, head straight to the cave. Inside the cave, climb up the round stair in the middle and you will find the Eagle’s nest with eggs at certain height. There are enough eggs for everyone in your team so no need to rush or fight for it. Each one can take an egg which will hatch a a few minutes into the game. Once the egg hatched, it will turn to the Eagle active companion and will sit on your left shoulder. It’s pretty cool to see yourself. Here’s my active companion below. Only your teammates will be able to see this active companion for now.

Active Companion in PUBG Mobile

Is Active Companion Available Only in Sanhok Map?

The Active Companion in PUBG Mobile must be available in other maps such as Erangel and Miramar as well. I have not yet seen or come across in these maps but I believe they will surely be available in these areas too. It is said that this active companion will be very useful in tracking the presence and location of your enemies. I already can’t wait to use it. Are you excited about the Active Companion too?

When is Active Companion Coming Live in PUBG Mobile? 

The feature is expected to be live in the next major update of PUBG Mobile during Royale Pass Season 7. Although the new season did not come with a major update, Tencent has always been working on it and will be released soon. The active companion will be available for both Mobile platform players as PUBG Mobile on PC using emulators. Do you like the idea of active companion? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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