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These Are The Best Guns in PUBG Mobile For Chicken Dinner


Whether you are trying out PUBG Mobile for the first time or playing for awhile but need some tips, here are the Best Guns in PUBG Mobile to help you get that Chicken Dinner. When you become serious in your game and when winning is all that matters, we are here to give you the much required tip. This tip will be helpful whether you Play PUBG Mobile on PC or on your Smartphone. So remember to bookmark this site so that you can come back anytime. Let’s see what are the best guns in PUBG Mobile.

How many Guns and Weapons are Available in PUBG Mobile?

The adrenaline injected, entertaining, tactical online multiplayer game so called PUBG has a number of Weapons. These range from Melee such as Pan, Machete, Sickle, etc. Then there are throwables such as frag granades or hand granades, smoke and stunt granades. The mainstream guns includes a lot of variants from Sub Machine Guns (SMG) to DMRs and Machine Guns, Bolt Action Rifles and Assault Rifles (ARs). We will see them one by one as they come in our list of best guns for PUBG Mobile. You may be already using most of these weapons. But there may be some use of these weapons you have not yet tried.

List of the Best Guns in PUBG Mobile

Best guns is actually something difficult to pick because one has to consider many factors. What is best at a short range may not be best for the medium to long range shots. Are you dealing one to one or one against a squad?The best choice of guns  will depend on these factors. So let’s take a look at the best guns in PUBG Mobile for various situations.

Best Guns in PUBG Mobile

Best Weapons/Guns for close Combat 

Close encounters are common in PUBG Mobile. You never know who’s already in there when you go into a house to loot for supplies. A bot maybe? or a full squad or the lone survivor of the squad – anyone can be there. Also it’s very much possible that while you are in a house, a cave or a tunnel, someone or squad comes to you to look for supplies. In such cases, close encounters happens and we are here to help you select the best guns, among the options available with you that is. 

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A shot gun or SMG works better in close encounters. We suggest you select as below:

1. S12K

2. Thompson 

3. UMP9

4. UZI

5. Vector

6. S1896

7. S696

S12K is a shot gun with a magazine to simply say. Combined with an extended magazine, it’s formidable to even take out the whole squad. Thompson has a decent firing rate, combined with an extended mag you will have 50 rounds to fire at close range. UMP9 is highly dependable and UZI has the highest firing rate among all guns in PUBG Mobile. While Vector is stable and almost zero recoil, its downside is that it has only 13 bullets without an extended mag. S1896 and S696 are another shot guns which gives one shot knock out.

Best Guns for Medium Range in PUBG Mobile

Now you know what are the best guns for short range/close encounters, let’s take a look at medium range attacks. If you are taking a shot farther than 100m, I’d categorize that as medium (maybe upto about 250m). So here’s our list of best guns in PUBG Mobile for medium range shooting.

1. M416

2. Groza

3. AUG

4. AKM

5. M762


7. G36C

8. M16A4

The list needs no justification because these are the best AR guns available and that you can choose in PUBG Mobile game. M416 has the best combination of range, recoil control and damage. Groza and AUG are another beasts but they can only be found in air drops. AKM has higher damage but that makes up for the high recoil it produce. The same can be said for M762. Scar-L is another decent AR with low recoil. But it tends to have a very high bullet drop even at 100m so choose an M416 or AKM over it if the options are available with you. G36C is more like the optimized version of UMP9 for longer range. M16A4 is a headache if you have no option for other ARs. The damage is decent but the firing mode is only burst (3 bullets at a time) or single. 

PUBG Mobile M416 Gun

In addition to the above ARs, some medium range guns in PUBG includes  Mini14, SLR, SKS, QBU and Mk47 Mutant. Mk47 from air drop also works well in medium to long range shots. These can also be used as sniper but they are not effective enough compared to bolt action rifles, obviously.

Machine Guns in PUBG Mobile 

You can find in air drops Machine gun called M246. It holds 100 bullets which does not need any reload to take out an entire squad. That makes up for the high reload time is has. a 2x scope works really great with this gun. Alternative to this would be DP-28 which uses 7.62mm rounds. DP-28 has a capacity of 47 rounds and with the stand/support is has, it;s best for ambush and shooting vehicles till explosion.

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Best Bolt Action Rifles or Snipers in PUBG Mobile

This list will be short as there are few options. Here are the best snipers in PUBG Mobile.

1. AWM

2. M24

3. Kar98K

The AWM can shoot through a level 3 helmet for a kill or atleast a knock out. No other guns in PUBG Mobile are as powerful as this. Next in terms of damage is the M24. Then comes Kar98K. Use any of these snipers along with 4x or 6x or 8x and you are invincible at long range.

AWM Sniper in PUBG Mobile

Conclusion and Wrap Up 

We listed the above best guns in PUBG Mobile according to our preference. If you disagree, do let us know in the comments below. Attachments can greatly improve the usability and functionality of these guns. Imagine using a Kar98k with a red dot. That would be a punishment but it does happen sometimes. So our last word would be that the choice of guns, subject to availability, matters. But what else matters is that you find and fix the necessary attachment to make it formidable. The fact that your avatar can carry 2 guns and a melee is for this purpose. You can select the best gun combination of your choice and go for the hunt. Most of all, a player’s skill is the one most important aspect none can ignore. You will find that a bot is shooting you with DP-28. You can approach him with a Machete and kill him. So keeping these things in mind, select the best guns in PUBG Mobile according to you and get that Chicken Dinner.

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