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Best Controllers/Gamepad for PUBG Mobile on Android/iOS you can Buy Right Now!


I am a regular PUBG Mobile Player and trust me, after some time of playing the screen gets all sweaty and slippery and I get killed easily. I used to rub the screen from time to time with a damp cloth to make sure that doesn’t happen. But it happens all the time. I was looking for solutions to this Problem and then I came to know about PUBG Mobile Controllers or Gamepad.

PUBG Mobile Controllers can be attached to your Smartphone (Android or iOS) and you can enjoy Playstation like Controller like experience. Be advised that performance differs from controller to controller.  In order to make sure that you get the best PUBG mobile Gamepad, i have come up with this Article. Here, I will share Top PUBG Mobile Controllers available in the market for Both Android & iOS devices.

PUBG Mobile Controller for Android & iOS

Before i share the controllers with you, I would like to tell you the qualities that a Best PUBG Mobile Controller needs to have :

  • It should not occupy a large portion of your Mobile Screen because this will make your gameplay even worse
  • The Controller Buttons should be completely responsive.
  • It should be comfortable to hold
  • It should be reasonably priced

I am sure you will agree to these points. Feel free to add if i miss something, in the comments section.

I did some research on my part and found following PUBG Mobile Gamepads for you.

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Best PUBG Mobile Gamepad/ Controllers to Buy Online

Below are Top 5 Mobile Controllers for PUBG Mobile :

Gamesir Controllers

Gamesir is a popular Peripheral Brand. This company has been providing quality mobile gamepads for quite some time. I would like to list a few mobile phone Controllers that are top notch :

  • Gamesir G5 Gamepad

This Gamepad offers everything you need. It works on Android & iOS Both:

  1. Full Haptic Trackpad
  2. Surrounding 8 Button Design
  3. Mechanical Shoulder Triggers
  4. 360 Degree Left Joypad
  5. 8-Way D-Pad
  6. Built-in Smartphone Bracket


  • Gamesir G4s

This model Supports android Devices & Windows PC. It contains D-pad & Joypad. Shoulder Triggers are Present for enhanced experience.

  • Gamesir T2a
  1. Supports Android, Windows & Steam OS
  2. Bluetooth, Wireless & Wired Connection Mode
  3. Ergonomic Design
  4. Enhanced Controlling D-pad, Joystick & A/B/X/Y Buttons
  5. Mobile Bracket is not included. You need to purchase it additionally

Flydigi Wee Controller

  1. Compact & Convenient
  2. 14 Buttons with Left & Right Sticks
  3. Ultra-Low Power Technology for long battery life
  4. Flymapping – Button maping technology

MOGA Controllers

  • MOGA Hero Power Mobile Controller
  1. Console Style Controls (shoulder Buttons, D-Pad, Clickable analog Sticks)
  2. Charges your Phone while you Play
  3. Supports Android

  • MOGA Pro Power Mobile Gamepad
  1. Supports Android
  2. Has All features of MOGA Hero Power but Battery is more powerful

FengNiao Mobile Controller for PUBG Mobile

  • FengNiao Mobile Controller is the cheapest gamepad that can enhance your PUBG Mobile experience.
  • It comes with Shoot & Fire Buttons with Clips to ensure that Buttons don’t move while playing
  • Thumb Cap to Prevent Sweat Stains
  • Compatible with Android & iOS devices
  • Plug and Play

Ocamo Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad

  • Ocamo Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad is compatible with Android.
  • It supports Bluetooth 3.0 & can be operated from a Distance of 10 meters.
  • Comes with Dual Analog Sticks, Cross Key & 14 Action Buttons


Conclusion: Mobile Controllers are a great way to Enjoy Mobile Gaming with Console Like experience. Mobile Gamers have can choose from various Gamepads. Initially, it will take some time to get used to but once you are comfortable, chicken Dinner is Yours!


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