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Download and Play PUBG Lite on PC the Right Way


We have already posted an article on how to Download and Play PUBG Lite on Mac. Here, we will guide you on how to download and play PUBG Lite on PC. PUBG has seen enormous growth in terms of users and players in the past months, the success highly credited to PUBG Mobile which is a free version of the game. Now PUBG Lite is out officially and we would like to give some tips to our readers on ways to download and play PUBG Lite on PC. It’s an awesome game and you will love it. Trust us.

Where to Download PUBG Lite for PC


It’s official that PUBG Lite is released and made available for everyone to download and play. If you want to download PUBG Lite for PC, visit https://lite.pubg.com/ and that’s where you can officially and legitimately download PUBG Lite for PC. The download link is available on the top right corner, in case you may have missed it. Once downloaded, install the game and start playing.

Reasons to Play PUBG Lite on PC

Two months ago, you would find only the Beta version of PUBG Lite. But today, you can download and play PUBG Lite on PC, not the beta version. The gameplay is largely similar to PUBG on PC or PUBG Mobile on PC itself, with a few minor changes. Since it’s the Lite version, so obviously you will soon notice the difference and why it’s called PUBG Lite. If you love PUBG or PUBG Mobile, you’ll love PUBG Lite for PC as well. Let’s see why you should play PUBG Lite on PC.


Being the first to play among your friends

It makes sense to be the first one among your friends to try out the game. This also implies that you will be well aware of any future changes brought about by upcoming updates. You will know the game controls and maps and loot areas. Remember the very first time you play PUBG Mobile and couldn’t control as if you are holding a computer mouse for the first time? Well, this is a tad better experience.

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Limited Time Loots and Offers

Since PUBG Lite for PC has just been released, there are certain gun skins and other exclusive rewards that are available only for a limited period of time. You missed them this time, you may never get a chance to win or collect them in the future. Being the Lite version which has lower system requirements, you can play the game, live stream it and build an audience without having to shell out a lot to start playing the game. Your ordinary laptop will support, we are sure.

Download and Play PUBG Lite on PC from a trusted source only

Yes, many people have complained that they are facing one or another issue while downloading the PUBG Lite files from third-party websites. In order to avoid the headache, we suggest you download PUBG Lite from the official link which is already given above. That way, you will not face any issues when you Play PUBG Lite on PC. Also, note that PC also may be treated as equivalent to Laptop. Meaning you can Play PUBG Lite-on Laptop as much as you can play on PC or Mac.

Is PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile Lite the same?

For some of our readers who might be confused between the two, no, PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile Lite are not the same exactly. It’s like comparing PUBG and PUBG Mobile. You can play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC using emulators, otherwise, just directly download and play PUBG Lite on your Laptop or PC or Mac. Either way, do let us know your experience of PUBG Lite in the comments section below.


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