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Download “PUBG Mobile Lite” apk | Latest Version (0.9.0)


Those PUBG Lovers who can’t play “PUBG Mobile” conveniently on their Budget (Low-End) Android Device must switch to PUBG Mobile Lite. PUBG Mobile Lite is the Lite version of “PUBG Mobile“. It supports smooth Gameplay on Low End Android Devices.

You will certainly enjoy the Lite version of PUBG. The Lite version features :

  • 40 Players Match
  • Smaller Maps

Others functions remain similar to regular version of PUBG Mobile.

In this Article, I am explaining how to Download PUBG Mobile Lite apk file. Let’s Get Started.

PUBG Mobile Lite apk Download

If for some reasons, you are unable to download PUBG Mobile Lite using Play Store, you can always download the .apk file and install it on your Android Device. 

In order to Install the .apk file make sure you check “Allow Installation of Apps from Sources Other than Play Store” in the “Device Administration” section in “Android Settings”

  • To Download the Latest PUBG Mobile Lite Version apk file, CLICK HERE
  • Installing PUBG Mobile Lite .apk
  • Locate the Downloaded file using any File Manager
  • Double tap the .apk file to Begin Installation

Note : If you haven’t already allowed “installation of apps from sources other than Google Play”, you should do it at this Step

  • Once the Installation Completes, Click on “Open”
  • Now the Lite Version of PUBG Mobile will Open up
  • Create your User Profile and Start Playing

Here is the Gameplay of PUBG Mobile Lite for “Lite Version” Lovers :

Credit : “Techzamazing Youtube Channel”

CONCLUSION : PUBG Mobile Lite is a Great Alternative for users who have Low-End Android Smartphone. Rather than enjoying “not so smooth” Gameplay of PUBG Mobile (Due to Limited resources on your Smartphone), you should Switch to PUBG Mobile Lite for much smoother and Faster Experience.


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