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Fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected on Bluestacks (PC) – Bypass Guide


Most of the PUBG Mobile lovers who like to Play it on PC, prefer Bluestacks Android Emulator. Without any doubt, it’s a great choice and it gives additional features to the PUBG Players. Many Bluestacks PUBG Mobile Players are looking for a way to Bypass Android Emulator Detected Message. In this Article, we will discuss the Fix for Mobile Emulator Detected on Bluestacks.

PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected on Bluestacks – Fix Now

First of All Let me clear that whenever you see “Android Emulator Detected” on the screen, don’t consider it as an error. It’s just a notification. Once the Tencent Servers detect Android Emulators, you will be matched with other Emulator Players so that difficulty level matches. If one player will play on Mobile and Other will Play on Emulator, clearly the one with emulator will have strong hand. That’s why Tencent has applied Android Emulator Check on softwares like Bluestacks.

Note – The Method that we are discussing in the Article will enable you to Play PUBG Mobile on Bluestacks Android Emulator without the “Emulator Detected” message. This might be seen as Cheating by Tencent and your account could be blocked. Kindly Keep this in Mind

Bluestacks Android Emulator Detection Bypass for PUBG Mobile

In this method, we are using an app that will enable Anti-emulator. Let’s Get Started.

  • Open up your Bluestacks App

blustacks pubg mobile emulator detected fix

  • Click on “Install apk” and then select the path to Jamu Pubg apk file
  • Install the “Jamu PUBG” App using the apk file
  • Once the App is Installed, Open it up
  • Now, Click on the Box that says “Enable Anti-Emulator” and hit Ok
  • Now, the PUBG game will continue and you will not see any notification on Bluestacks saying “Android Emulator Detected”

Method 2:

If you are still facing this issue, Just follow these Steps:

  • Open up Bluestacks & Go to Android Settings
  • Then go to “Apps” Section and Click on “PUBG Mobile”
  • Then go to “Storage” and Delete Data & Cache
  • Now Open up “PUBG Mobile”. It will not detect android emulator

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Have your Tried these Methods? Did they work Fine? Kindly Share your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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