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Fix PUBG Mobile Lite “Server Busy” / “Restrict -Area” Error Right Now!


If you’re looking to Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Server errors, we have a piece for you. Recently, Many PUBG Mobile Lite Players have reported that they are unable to Play Due to an error. The Error says  “Server is Busy Please Try Again Later. Error Code : restrict-area”. Some Users have also reported “Download Resources” error also.

In this Article, I am going to explain the cause of this error and finally, I will share the solution to this issue.

Cause: Actually, the reason behind this problem is that “Tencent” hasn’t made the lite version available in all countries yet. So those users who try to play the lite version from the country where this game is not available yet, this error pops up.

The Solution to this issue has been explained below.

PUBG Mobile Lite Fix for “Server Busy”/”Restrict-Area” Error

The only method to resolve this issue and Start Playing “PUBG Mobile Lite” is to pretend that you are playing from a country where usage of this app is allowed. To do so, we need a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Many Free VPN Softwares are available on Play Store that will help you.

Here are the Steps:

  • Download a Good Free VPN Software
  • Once Downloaded, in your Android Device, Go to – “Settings>>Apps”, then locate “Play Store” in the App list. 
  • “Force Stop” Plat Store and Delete “Data” and “Cache” in the Storage Section
  • Now Open your VPN Software and Select country as “Philippines” or “Brazil”, Once Connected, Open up Play Store
  • Now Search for “PUBG Mobile Lite”, If you see it listed in the Play Store, this means the method worked, if not, try again with another country
  • Make sure you are connected to VPN and Download the “PUBG Mobile Lite”. 

You will not encounter “Server Busy” or “Restrict-Area” Error now.

If you are unable to find the Lite version on Play Store, TRY THIS 

If you are unable to find the “Lite Version of PUBG” in Play Store, you should first Download the “PUBG Mobile Lite apk” & then connect to VPN with “Philippines” or “Brazil” country selected.

Try Switching to Different VPN Service if these Steps Doesn’t work. Hopefully, you will not see “Server Busy” or “Restrict Area” Error

Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Error “Restrict-Area” | By Changing DNS Method

If the VPN Method is not working for you, You need to Change the DNS Manually. To do so, Follow these Steps to fix PUBG Mobile Lite errors:

  • Download “DNS Changer” App from Play Store
  • Open up the App and Select “Custom DNS”
  • Now, in the DNS Section Enter “” & again “”

pubg mobile lite change dns

  • Click on “Start” to Connecting using this Custom DNS
  • Now, Open PUBG Mobile Lite and Start Playing without Any Error

Note: Some Users are Reporting “Resources Error” after opening PUBG Mobile Lite app. This could be due to Corrupted “OBB Data”. To Fix this, Download the “apkpure” app on your Android and Install PUBG Mobile Lite XAPK (apk +OBB Data). Set Custom Fields in the DNS Section in the DNS Changer App (Mentioned Above) and Open the App. The Error should be fixed by now.

Need More Help, Take a look at these Videos:


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