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How to Record PUBG Mobile Gameplay with Sound (Voice Chat) on Android? 3 Best Ways


I am sure that you Guys have seen PUBG Mobile Gameplay videos on Social Media Channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Have you ever wondered, how people record their PUBG Mobile Gameplay with that clear audio (Voice Chat)? Honestly, at one time i was desperate to do so and Finally i did it. In this Article, i will be sharing the step by step Guide on How to Record PUBG Mobile Gameplay with Crystal Clear Audio. Let’s Not Waste time and Get Started Right away.

How to Record PUBG Mobile Gameplay with Google Play Games App

This Article is for Android users and soon i will be sharing the method for iOS users too. Google Play Games is available on Playstore for all Android smartphone users. So if you don’t have it, go download it now. You’ll be needing this to record PUBG Mobile Gameplay. This is one of the best app to record your screen and you game play because it’s developed by Google and is available for free. What’s more? Not only can you use Google Play games to record PUBG Mobile Gameplay but you can also turn on the front camera( actually it’s turned on by default) so that you appear on the tiny round area on the screen.

You can move and adjust this front camera view and keep it anywhere comfortable on the screen while you focus on the game. The front camera can also be turned off at will. I suggest you try this out first before going for any other third party free screen record apps. Once you start the app and go for record, your screen will look like this:

How To Record PUBG Mobile Gameplay on Android Using Google Play Games

Record PUBG Gameplay with Other Third Party Apps

There are other third party apps freely available in the Playstore to record your screen or your Gameplay. In fact, just looking up “screen recorder” in playstore will give you many results. But how do you find the best screen recorder for PUBG Mobile Gameplay record? We’ll see two of them below.

Mobcrush for Android or iOS 

Mobcrush is a free app available both for Android as well as iOS devices. This is a very good app to record  your screen and also record PUBG Mobile Gameplay obviously. Just download, install and run the app. This app is basically created to directly live stream your PUBG Mobile Game but the videos are also saved on your phone. So you can disable the direct streaming to just save your record. You can then edit this record and upload it to wherever you like later on. I have used this Mobcrush app to record and live stream my PUBG Mobile gameplay from my iPhone to my Faceook feed.

It’s pretty cool actually and your friends can see and comment on it on your Facebook profile. It’s free, legal and fun too. you don’t have to deal with any copyright issue and most of all, it’s original content. Download Mobcrush and install it. When you run, your screen will look like this below.

Stream PUBG Mobile Games with Mobcrush

Here, connect it to your Facebook profile or YouTube Channel and stream PUBG Mobile Gameplay from your phone directly. Both Android and iOS versions are available.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

This is another app to record PUBG Mobile Gameplay and save it on your phone easily. Download free from the Playstore and install it. Once you have installed Apowersoft Screen Recorder, you can run the app and start your PUBG Mobile game. Your screen will look like this below:

Apowersoft Screen recorder for PUBG Mobile

The next step is to just tap on the record button available on your screen as pointed in the arrow above. It’s as simple as that.

Point to Note and Final Words

So now that you know how to record PUBG Mobile Gameplay and upload it on Social Media, PUBG Mobile Game is getting even more interesting, right? So let’s wrap it up. Since PUBG Mobile as a game is already a heavy application and you will be running another recorder application simultaneously, please note that your phone may get heat up sooner than usual. This is simple because more resources are being used. Also note that if you are live streaming your gameplay simultaneously, there may be some lag issues if the upload quality is high. We already know that PUBG Mobile Lags when internet connectivity is not good. This will be affected to a certain extent. In order to avoid or fix this, lower the quality of the upload in Mobcrush settings. Enjoy the game! 

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