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PUBG Mobile with Controller on Tencent Gaming Buddy + Gamepad/Joystick Keymapping


Hello Guys, How are you ! Today, i am here with another article that you will surely like. I am sharing the method using which you Can Play PUBG Mobile with PC Controller/Gamepad on Tencent Gaming Buddy. Yes, that’s true. Say Bye-Bye to your Keyboard and Mouse & Kill them all using a Regular PC Controller. I am sure you all are excited and so am i because i have just set up my PC Gamepad with Tencent Gaming buddy.

Play PUBG Mobile with Controller on Tencent Gaming Buddy

Before we move ahead, make sure you have :

  1. A Working PC Controller (Gamepad or Joystick, whatever you call it)
  2. Tencent Gaming Buddy Installed on your System

Ready?? Great ! Let’s Go ahead

  • First of All, Connect your Controller 
  • Now, Launch Tencent Gaming Buddy.

  • Click on “Key Mapping” Section and Go to “Gamepad”. Make sure you see “Gamepad :Connected” there

  • Now In the PUBG Mobile Interface, Go to “Settings” >> “Controls” & Then Click on “Customize”

  • Once the Customize Page Opens up, Click on “Key Mapping” Again 

  • Now, the next Steps are very important. You need to Assign a Controller Key Corresponding to a action. For example, If you want to Assign R1 Trigger Key for Firing, Click on “Fire” and Press R1 and it will be assigned automatically. You need to assign keys for all actions. Once completed, Click on Save.

  • Now, Go to training mode and Test your Controller Settings. Make changes if needed.

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Best Keymapping Setting for Using Gamepad on Tencent Gaming Buddy

Below are few suggestions that can help you during keymapping : 

  • Secondary Keys : Tick mark on Direction (Left Joystick) and Camera (Right Joystick)
  • Move “Right Joystick” Button to “Eye” and “Left Joystick” Button to Movement icon
  • Choose Trigger Buttons for Aiming and Firing
  • Use DPad Arrows for Sitting Down, Crawling, Standing Up and Jumping
  • You can use “LB” & “RB” to Strafe Left or Right
  • Use any preferred button for weapon changing
  • Also Select an Appropriate Button for Changing Fire Mode from “Single” to “Auto” or “Burst”

Keep Trying until you find best Settings for you.

That’s it. Let’s see who Get’s Chicker Dinner Tonight.

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