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Is PUBG Mobile Really Banned in India? Truth Behind Maharashtra High Court Notice to Ban PUBG


READ THIS >> PUBG Mobile Banned in Gujarat India News, 100% True

Hi there! Thousands of new players join PUBG Mobile Daily. The Game has surprised everyone with its sudden popularity. To be honest, the developers deserve such a response because this game is amazing in every aspect. Recently, a piece of news was spread on social media that says that PUBG Mobile is banned in India. The message also contained an Image of Legal Notice that is said to be released by the Maharashtra Government. In this Article, I will be exploring this viral message and share the final conclusion with you guys. By the End of the Article, you will know if PUBG Mobile is really Banned in India or not?

PUBG Mobile Ban in India News| Real or Fake?

A message on Social Media is trending these days. It says that PUBG Mobile is going to be banned by the Indian Government. As a proof, a Notice is also attached. It is claimed that this notice is released by the Maharashtra High Court. Here is the Notice :

As per this Notice, PUBG Mobile game is creating a lot of nuisance and irrespective activities and blah blah. At the End of this Notice, it is written that few countries have already taken action to ban this game. Also, it says that PUBG will not perform any operation and legal notices have been sent to Tencent games corporation

Before I say something regarding this. I want you Guys to Read this Notice carefully again and ask from yourself, is this true?

When I Did this, my mind told me this can’t be true. Here are the few reasons why this can’t be true:

  • The Notice contains various grammatical errors. (This Doesn’t happen with Legal Notices, they are always well checked and grammatically accurate)
  • There is No Official Indian Judiciary Member going by Name K. SRINIVASULU
  • Also, there is no Post of “PreJudge” in Our Country

PUBG Mobile Ban Fake News | Fake Maharashtra High Court Notice to Ban PUBG Mobile

Considering all the points that I mentioned above, it is 100% Clear that the news regarding Ban on PUBG Mobile in India is totally fake and has no ground. It is very unlikely that the government will take a step in the future.

However, it is true that PUBG Mobile is a really addictive game and Students and Workers are wasting lots of their time. Recently, a Notice in College Hostel was seen, take a look:

pubg mobile ban

Advice: You can Enjoy this Game by Spending maximum 1 Hour a Day. But if you are devoting more than 1 Hour, you surely are wasting your time unless you are a professional Gamer.

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