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PUBG Mobile Banned in Some Cities of India, Here is the List, True News Not Fake


PUBG Mobile Banned in Gujarat (Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Gir Somnath) | Is PUBG Mobile Really Banned in Gujarat? Is this News Fake or Real, PUBG Mobile Ban in India News March 2019

Earlier in December 2018, fake news regarding PUBG Mobile in Maharashtra went Viral. Well, now we have real news for Indian PUBG Mobile Lovers. PUBG Mobile is Banned in Few Cities of India. Violaters may go to Jail. Don’t think it as another hoax, this news is absolutely true and we will present all the required evidence to you guys.

PUBG Mobile Banned in India News | Banned in Gujarat Cities, True News Not Fake

From 9th March Onwards, PUBG Mobile is banned in Rajkot (Gujarat). A Notification regarding same is available on Twitter. It is written in Regional (Gujarati) Language:

PUBG Mobile Banned in Gujarat

As per this Notification, this a temporary ban. This Ban is applicable from 9th to 30th March 2019. Initially, PUBG Mobile Ban was only for Rajkot. But Soon, Other cities Bhavnagar &  Gir Somnath Joined the cause.

PUBG Mobile India Ban News 2019 – Banned in Gujarat Cities (Rajkot, Bhavnagar & Gir Somnath)

If you are still taking this lightly, let me cleat that you might go to Jail if caught Playing PUBG Mobile in these Cities. The Police Officials will take action under IPC 188. Along with Arrest, the “criminal” may also be charged fine of  Rs.200.

Be advised that this is not a permanent ban. PUBG Mobile Ban in Gujarat Cities will continue till 30th March 2019. In between this Period, if Police gets a complaint, the officials can take action under IPC 188 (as mentioned above).

As per Sources, Gujarat Police took this Action due to increasing addiction of Youth.

If you Belong to Gujarat, You Should Study the complete Notification and Share it among your Friends.

What are People Saying?

There are mixed views of People regarding PUBG Mobile Ban in Cities of Gujarat. Some Users are appreciating this while others are not happy. One user wrote, “Why Government Doesn’t Ban Cigarette and Alcohol then?”.

Take a Look at What People are Saying about #PUBGBan

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Advice: We Recommend PUBG Lovers of Above Mentioned areas to adhere to the Rules. Please Do not violate the rules or you may find yourself in a Difficult Situation.

Is PUBG Mobile Banned in Indian Cities News True or Fake?

  • Do not take this news Lightly. This is 100% True News. However, this is a Temporary Ban till 30th March 2019.

List of Indian Cities Where PUBG Mobile is Banned?

  • The Cities where PUBG Mobile is Banned by the Authorities are: Rajkot, Bhavnagar & Gir Somnath
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