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PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Watch Live Matches


PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Tournament Matches are going on and you can watch the live streaming of PUBG Mobile Club Open India Regional Finals. Check out the live stream links below right from the Official PUBG Mobile Channel on YouTube. PUBG Mobile Club Open India Regional Final Stats and Standings as of the time of posting this update is also given for you in the following post.


Link To Watch PUBG Mobile Club Open Live Stream India Regional Finals

Register for PUBG Mobile India Tour – Prizes Pool of 1.5 Cr

The schedule of PMCO Regional India Finals will be spread over a period of two days. Here’s the schedule below along with their Live Streaming link:

Friday, June 14 — Day 1

Saturday, June 15 — Day 2

  • 14:30Map: Sanhok Starts in:  19h 10min Match info
  • 15:25Map: Vikendi Starts in:  20h 05min Match info
  • 16:20Map: Erangel Starts in:  21h 00min Match info
  • 17:15Map: Miramar Starts in:  21h 55min Match info
  • 18:10Map: Sanhok Starts in:  22h 50min Match info
  • 19:05Map: Erangel Starts in:  23h 45min Match info

PUBG Mobile Club Open India Regionals Current Standings

So here are the current standings of each participating team so far at the time of this post. The list is not final as there are many more matches to be played. Currently, matches are ongoing as you can see in the links above. Day two is yet to be played as well.

This is a really interesting competition for PUBG Mobile players and fans. The live stream links are available both in English as well as in Hindi.

Prize Pool for PUBG Mobile Club Open Prize Pool

The announced prize pool of PMCO 2019 is 175,000 USD (1.2 Crore approx.) which is definitely a huge amount. Apart from this winning team will get extra prize money if they will perform better in the International PMCO Finals. It is to be seen which team will go through and claim the prize rewards.

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