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PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge | Registration – Tournament Rules & Prize Details


So you think you got the Skills? Well, the time has come to prove yourself because PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge is here. The Online Registration has already started. In this Article, i am clearing up all your Doubts regarding PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge Tournament. Let’s not waste the time and get Started.

PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge

For all you noobs out there, i have to answer the question : What is PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge?

Crew Challenge is a feature that exists in the Latest PUBG Mobile Update (0.9.0) and hopefully will continue in the upcoming versions too. Basically it’s a tournament system that allows players with crew to Participate in week-long tournament. 

Be advised again that only Crews can Participate . Here are the Rules

PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge Tournament Rules

  1. Players must register as a Crew with 4-6 members.
  2. Only the Crew Leader may submit the registration.
  3. 4 players will be selected for each match.
  4. The overall roster cannot be changed during the tournament period.

FPP & TPP Modes both are available. The only map you can play in the Tournament is “Erangel”

Note : This Tournament is not valid for PUBG Mobile Players who play on Emulators.

Crew Challenge Consists of three Stages :

  • Qualification Matches
  • Group Matches
  • Finals

Winners will be given exclusive gifts and prices.

PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge Tournament 2018 : Schedule

All interested players are advised to take a note of the tournament schedule :

Pubg Mobile Crew Challenge Schedule

As you can see, last date of registration is approaching. Get Registered Asap !

How to Participate in PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge ? Registration Process Explained

  • Open PUBG Mobile App
  • Tap on “Trophy” Icon

  • On the Right hand, Tap on Second Option “Crew Challenge”
  • Follow the Steps to get Registred
  • Once you are Registered, you will see “Registered”

I am pretty sure that my Crew is gonna win. Still, you guys can proceed and register so that you can see yourself defeating 🙂 . All the Best

PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge Winner Prize | Gift

The Winner of PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge will be awarded with scorching kar98k skin. This Skin will be exclusive for Winner Team. 

Take a last look at it before my crew gets it :

I hope this Article has given you enough information regarding PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge. Feel free to Ask your Questions in the comments section.


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