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“Error 495” in PUBG Mobile – Fix Download/Update Error from Play Store


PUBG Mobile Error 495 issues has been reported by users facing Problem while Downloading PUBG Mobile from Play Store. The Error is “Error 495”. The Exact Error text says “Google Play Store Could not Download Due to Error 495″. In this Article, i am talking about this error specifically for PUBG Mobile. i will be explaining you guys the cause and solution for this error. Within Few Minutes, you will be Playing PUBG Mobile, Trust me !

PUBG Mobile Download Error – “Error 495” Play Store

Some PUBG Mobile Users are seeing error 495 while Downloading or Updating the App.

PUBG Mobile Error 495

Following could be the causes of this Error:

Unstable WiFi Connection – If your WiFi Connection is not stable, you might encounter this error. Make sure that you are connected to a network that is stable (i.e. Speed doesn’t go up and down frequently)

Connection Timed Out to Google Play Servers : During the Download, if the connection times out, you will encounter this error. In Simple terms, if your network is unable to connect to the the Google Play Servers this happens.

Apart from these two common causes, sync fail can also be the cause.

So, Talking about PUBG Download Error 495, it is very likely that you are experiencing the issue due to above listed issues. If not, Still, the fix i will share, will help you to get rid of this. Let’s now find out how to fix Error 495 in PUBG Mobile.

Fix PUBG Mobile Error 495

Method 1 : Most Likely It Will Work

  • In your Android Device, Go to “Settings” >> “Apps” >> “Google Play Store”
  • Once you tapped on “Google Play Store” in the Apps Section, you will find various options like “Force Stop”, “Uninstall Updates”, “Disable”, “Clear Data”, “Clear Cache”.
  • You need to Tap on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. Make Sure that After you do that you see “0 KB” in Storage & Cache
  • Now, Open Google Play Store Again and try Downloading “PUBG Mobile”. 
  • Most Probably, the Error will get resolved now. if not, Again Go to “Play Store” in the Apps Section and tap on “Uninstall Updates” and Try Downloading PUBG Mobile Again 

Method 2 : If Method 1 Doesn’t Work

  • If the First Method Doesn’t Works for you (Which is very rare), you need to Follow these Steps:
  • In Your Android Device, Go to “Settings” >> “Accounts”>> “Google”. You need to remove your google account from here
  • Again go to Same Settings Page but this time you need to Add your Google Account
  • Restart your Phone, Accept Terms and Conditions and tweak Google Settings according to your Likings.
  • Now, Open play Store and Try Installing “PUBG Mobile”.

I am pretty sure that PUBG Mobile Error 495 will be fixed by Method 1 (if not, Surely by Method 2). Once the App is Downloaded & installed, You can Enjoy it without any Errors.

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