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Expect PC Like Gameplay with PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode – Know Everything Here!


I am a regular PUBG Mobile Player. I have also tried playing PUBG on PC. To be honest, the PC version of PUBG is very competitive. Main reason behind this is that you don’t get Shooter’s Direction there and Foot Steps are also not that much loud. Also there is no auto pick up, Auto door opening.What if same happens in PUBG Mobile ? 

This has actually happened with the latest update because “PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode” has arrived.

Many people have been discussing about Hardcore mode in PUBG Mobile. That’s why i decided to cover this Topic in Detail. With the recent update, Hardcore mode in PUBG mobile is available for everybody. However, nobody will be forced to play it. It is an additional mode in “Arcade” which you can select.

PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode

In the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 4, Hardcore mode is added. Take a look at this image :

Play PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode

I am sure you found what i am trying to show :

Added Hardcore Mode to Provide Same experience as PC

I am sure you all are excited to know what PUBG Mobile Hardcore has to offer. Let’s Find out

Features/Rules of PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode 

Hardcore mode in PUBG Mobile

The Hardcore mode is also known as Competitive mode in PUBG Mobile. So both of these are one and same thing.

Here are the Features :

No “Auto Pickup” : So, now no more running and picking up weapons and stuff. You will have to keep looking for items and pick up them manually in this mode. Also you will have to Open up Doors Manually too.

Note : You will Still see compatible accessories in Yellow color, but you have to pick them up manually

No “Auto Reloading” : The Normal mode gives you the Auto Reloading feature but the Hardcore mode doesn’t. You will have to Keep an eye on Ammo and reload it before someone kills you.

Also, note that the Picked up Guns will be unloaded unlikely in the Classic Mode. So, whenever you pick up a Gun, Don’t forget to reload it first.

No “Direction Assistance” : One of the most loved feature in PUBG Mobile is that you can easily find out from where one is shooting (Except VSS Off course) or Throwing Grenade at you on the Map. The PUBG Mobile hardcore mode will forbid this. You will have to listen to the fireshot properly and find out the direction yourself.

No “Bots”: You will not find bots running behind you in the Hardcore mode. As the name suggests, this mode will be competitive and there is no chance of Easy kills.

Those who have played PC Version of PUBG will surely relate to the points i have mentioned above. Because by Default, in PC Version of PUBG, these settings work. There is no auto Pickup, no auto reloading and no direction assistance.

Clearly, the Makers of PUBG Mobile are making PUBG Mobile like PC version. Pro players will Love the Hardcore mode as it requires more skill. However, people like me will find it difficult to Play the Hardcore Mode or the Competitive Mode.

Note – The Hardcore Mode is PUBG Mobile is Currently Limited to Erangel Map Only

Recently, i read a thread on Reddit regarding Hardcore Mode in PUBG Mobile

The common questions that people were asking related to PUBG Mobile hardcore mode were :

Question : Will this mode be selectable or forced?

Answer : This is an Optional Mode just like Classic and Arcade Mode. Nobody will force you to Play the hardcore mode.

Question : Will i loose rank Playing Hardcore Mode?

Answer : No, you won’t. As mentioned above, it’s an Optional Mode. You can try it, if you find it very competitive and get killed easily, you should play the classic mode to ensure your Rank Doesn’t Drop.

Conclusion : I am pretty sure that Fun Lovers might not like this mode. Because, they will find it time consuming to Look for Weapons, Pick up them, Reload them and then looking for Shooter’s Direction. But Pro Players will surely love this mode as this is very competitive. I am pretty sure that now Pro PUBG (PC Version) Players will also show interest in the Mobile Version.

Have you Tried this new mode or not? Feel Free to Share your Thoughts related to PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode in the Comments Section

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