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PUBG Mobile Lite Release Date in India 2019


PUBG Mobile Publisher Tencent Games has announced the arrival of PUBG Mobile Lite in India. The official PUBG Mobile India Facebook page has announced that PUBG Mobile Lite Release date in India 2019 is “coming soon”. Finally, it’s something to cheer for if you’re a PUBG Mobile fan and active player. Up until now, PUBG Mobile Lite is available in select regions only, India excluded.

When is PUBG Mobile Releasing in India?

PUBG Mobile Lite release date in India is the trending search term currently and we can’t wait. The lite version of PUBG Mobile is created for budget-conscious smartphone users. It is the minified version of PUBG Mobile which has much lesser graphic and device requirements. The details about the PUBG Mobile Lite version and how to download it are already discussed in our earlier article today. The smaller and lighter version of PUBG Mobile is finally coming to India, but when? Some believe that the launch date will be 13 June. However, there is no official statement from Tencent Games so far.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Downloads and Ratings on Playstore

Already it can be seen from Playstore that PUBG Mobile Lite crossed 5+ million downloads and over 371,000 ratings with an overall score of 4.3 on a scale of 5. This is thrilling because as soon as the PUBG Mobile Lite release date in India is confirmed, the number will definitely change. That too, for the better. Once PUBG Mobile Lite is launched in India, the number of downloads and ratings will definitely spike as it does already with PUBG Mobile. That’s no wonder considering there are over 50 million active PUBG Mobile players from India alone.

Patience! PUBG Mobile Lite Release Date in India is Very Soon

Everyone now is waiting eagerly to play PUBG Mobile Lite. The version is a much smaller download size with a lesser number of players in a match. It was developed to support a segment of the low-end smartphone devices. This came thoughtfully from the developers who intend to capitalize on their already broad customer base with PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace (Chinese version) alone. Stay tuned, until then.

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