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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Elite Royale Pass Rewards


PUBG Mobile Season 8 is finally here and we can’t wait to bring out all the Elite Royale Pass rewards. Wait, these are just Royale Pass rewards at different RP ranks. So we feature all the rewards you can get in this PUBG Mobile Season 8, all the way from RP 1 to RP 100 level. Ready? Get set and Go! Here are the rewards in a picture which PUBG Mobile players will get this new season 8 starting July 17, 2019.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 RP 1-10 Rewards

Here is the list of rewards players will get at each Royale Pass ranks from RP 1 up to RP 10. Take a look. We must warn you, though, that this season is featuring a lot of attractive rewards and you can’t miss any of them.

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As you can see, from the very first RP 1, you will get a completely new costume set along with Scar-L skin. Then there are 30 free UC each at RP 3 and RP 7. New emote unlocks at RP 10. Don’t forget to use your S8 RP of 500 points if you have upgraded in Royale Pass Season 7.

RP Rank 11 to 20 Rewards Showcase

Season 8 features the following rewards for RP ranks ranging from 11 to 20.

Again, two 30 free UC at levels 13 and 17 with a new emote at 15. And you get a bonus of UAV skin at RP 20.

RP Rank 21 to 30 rewards PUBG Mobile Season 8

Take a look at the rewards you will get at RP ranks of 21 to 30.

A new trail at RP 21, free 30 UC twice at RP 23 and 27. The costume at RP rank 30 just looks awesome. Season 8 rocks, yeah?

Rewards at RP Rank 31 to 40

The screenshot below shows you the rewards available for RP ranks between 31 to 40.

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Premium crates, 30 free UCs and parachute skin. You’ll be getting a new plane skin at RP rank 40. More rewards are awaiting you at higher RP ranks.

Rewards for RP rank 41 to 70 PUBG Mobile Season 8

Check out the following exciting rewards you can get between level 41 and 70 in the PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royale Pass.

The free 30 UCs are available for Elite Royale Pass holders. Costumes at level 60, gun and backpack skin at RP 50 and 70 along with an emote at RP 65 are the main features. It doesn’t en here.

Royale Pass Rank 71 to 100 rewards PUBG Mobile Season 8

Season 8 has the following rewards for you at RP ranks 71 to 100. You can collect each at each RP ranks you achieve. Hold your breath now.

Costumes at RP rank 80 and 100, gun skin at 90 and other free 30 UC rewards with premium crates.


Personally, I believe that PUBG Mobile Season 8 has more exciting rewards compared to the previous seasons. It is worth it if you are looking to upgrade to Elite Royale Plus which costs only 600 UC. You must have earned 600+ UC if you have previously upgraded. The Elite Royale Pass Plus costs 1800 UC with a little better rewards. Remember that these rewards are available for Elite Pass holders only. The Free RP holders will not be able to get all of them and it is indeed very challenging to get to even up to RP 80 without an Elite pass.

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