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PUBG Mobile Tier Protection Explained in Detail | What is It?


What is Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile? What does it do? So we will be talking about PUBG Mobile Tier Protection in our article today. To get started, PUBG Mobile recently introduced a new feature called Tier Protection recently. Here’s what to know about PUBG Mobile Tier Protection Feature and how you can get the most out of it. It’s one cool feature for the players and we hope you’ll love it too.

What is Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile?

If you’re a regular PUBG Mobile player, you must have seen the “Tier Protection” written at the top left above the Start button in the lobby. To understand better, let’s take a quick look at player ratings in PUBG Mobile. The ranks in PUBG Mobile are also called Tier ratings. You can be a Bronze IV or a Silver I or a Diamond II – these are all tier ranks.

Every time you play a match, you get a score or a rating. If you finish in the top 10, you’ll get a positive rating like 15 or 19 or 24, etc. These numbers are added up to determine your overall rating. When you die too soon, you’ll get a negative rating and your rank will decline. So your tier is not protected. Tier Protection simply means that your rank will not decline even if you die early.

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What’s special about PUBG Mobile Tier Protection?

Basically, you get one Tier protection by default whenever you reach a new tier. To illustrate, say you just won a match or finished in the high top 10 and climbed from Diamond III to Diamond II. Now if you die very early in the next match, you will not fall back to Diamond III just yet. You get one chance to still protect your rank or tier. You will still be at Diamond II.

This is the game’s inbuilt feature. But this particular Badge displaying on your start button is something special. How? You will never fall in your ratings to have your Tier declined. So when you do good, you rank up faster. But even if you die early, you will not fall back to the lower Tier or rating. This is the specialty of Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile.

How to benefit Most from PUBG Mobile’s Protection of Tier?

There’s one basic rule to benefit from Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile – You have to be playing in squad with your friends.

Yes, that’s the criteria you need to fulfill to benefit the most from Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile. You can not simply start the game Solo or Duo and expect your rank to be protected. It works only when you play in a squad. There is no limitation, however, on which server or which map you are playing. The Protection of Tier is applicable on all maps across all servers.

PUBG Mobile Tier Protection is a Limited Time Event

Tier Protection in PUBG Mobile came first last week for about 3 days. While many players were unaware or could not benefit much during that time, some did and they took the best of it. But there’s good news for all – Tier Protection is back! As of writing this post, Tier Protection is active and I have been playing the past few matches without having to lose my Tier. It’s a nice feature actually and you can actually push your rank much faster during this period.

Final Words and Wrap Up

This little added feature makes the game more interesting. Maybe especially for me because I like to push whenever I find enemies. I am not the worst player in my team but many times I die first because of this impatience I have in the game.  Always like to finish off and push into enemies camping. I hope that PUBG Mobile Tier/Rating Protection is welcome by all. Now that you understand what the fuzz is all about, why not take your Smartphone and start pushing your ranks while Tier and Rating Protection is on. Enjoy and all the best!

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