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PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta Download for Android and iOS


The latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta is now available for both Android as well as iOS users. You can try out this beta version by following the process laid down below on how to download PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta Version. The update brings in many new added features in terms of game modes and new buildings. Let’s take a quick look at the patch notes from Tencent.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for the latest update version 0.13.0 released by Tencent, the publisher of PUBG Mobile. These patch notes are reproduced from the official sources.

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  • Addition of a new game mode called Team Deathmatch. This will be available in FPP as well as TPP modes.
  • A separate control setting for FPP is now available.
  • MVP display in results is one new feature.
  • Added a tab for MVP emotes in inventory.
  • You can now set appearances, voices and emotes in different portable closets. They can also be swapped while in a match. This feature is not available even for Elite Royale Pass holders yet.
  • Walking, crawling or Driving a vehicle on the snow (Vikendi Map) will now leave your trails.
  • Armor durability loss reduced by 25%. However, damage reduction remains the same.
  • Tyrant, G, Licker and Zombie Cop will no longer appear in Survive Till Dawn. But 4 new replacement zombies will be introduced.
  • Freezing fog from Liquid Nitrogen Mine now lasts longer. All units that pass through will move at a slower speed. More like crossing rivers?
  • The tank now enhances nearby zombies. Skinner will now use an ability that reduces the movement speed of nearby players.
  • Addition of new building: Abandoned Factory. This building contains lots of resources but also has a new boss.

How to download PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta for Android and iOS

Follow the step by step process mentioned below to download and install PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta version.

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For Android devices, Download Here. The approximate file size is about 1.9GB so be prepared to have enough storage for uninterrupted download and successful installation. You will need to enable the installation of the third party downloaded apk files from your Android device settings & security.

Meanwhile, iOS users shouldn’t be left high and dry, right? If you’re using iPhone or iPad, you can download the latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta Version via this Download Link. Once downloaded, install the app and start the game.

Is it Safe to Try the Beta Version of PUBG Mobile?

Yes. Keep in mind that you will not have the option to log in using your social media profiles in the PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta version. You can only try it as a guest. Since this is the beta release and your other regular PUBG Mobile game will not be affected by the installation of this beta version. Both will be working independently. Also, you can always give your feedback or report any features that aren’t working correctly.


So the beta version of the update is available for free download. We hope that the stable version of PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 for both Android as well as iOS will be released very soon. As always, PUBG never fails to entertain us with its frequent updates and new features added to each update. The tier protection featured briefly in the last couple of days was one of the best minor features added. Tell us how far you have climbed the ranks during the Tier Protection when played in the squad. We’d love to hear in the comment section below.

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