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PUBG Mobile update: Battle Royal Season 10 Pass


Surely you all have been enjoying PUBG mobile app, right? You have probably been scarfing down those chicken dinner wins! If you didn’t already know, PUBG mobile has received a brand new update for season 10 called “Fury of the Wasteland”! Sounds intriguing right??? Keep reading as we cover the details below!

PUBG Mobile Update Release: November 8, 2019

The good thing about PUBG mobile is that they keep coming out with new content! These fresh game updates are what keeps the community coming back for more chicken dinners! Last month, we have seen a spooky theme which was pretty cool. This month, we say goodbye to that and welcome in a new rugged, apocalyptic theme!

Here is a quick list of the updates

  • Ruins Map
  • New SMG – MP5K
  • Royale Pass Season 10 – Fury of the Wasteland
  • Vehicle – Zima
  • Companion System – The Falcon (coming soon)
  • Character – Sara the Vehicle Engineer (coming soon)

Team Deathmatch Map: Ruins

Yes, finally a new map! This map has ancient, mysterious ruins setting with very dense vegetation and winding paths. It takes place in a hidden rainforest. With a landscape like that, there are probably many hiding spots on this new map. I guarantee there will be many players hiding and sniping and probably camping!


A new SMG! This gun only spawns in Vikendi and it replaces the vector. It has a very high rate of fire (900 RPM) and has very good anti-recoil on it. It has a base damage of 33 and all attachments can be equipped on it! Only those brave enough to fight of others will be able to get their hands on it!

Zima Vehicle

Another Vikendi exclusive! This vehicle replaces the UAZ in everyone’s favorite area (Vikendi)! Driving this vehicle is very challenging in the snow, but compared to driving other vehicles, it is easier. It is far more damage resistant than other vehicles but comes with a reduction of horsepower. Players could mostly find themselves using it as a barricade?

Companion System!

This actually looks pretty cool! Doesn’t say any specifics yet, but players will be able to collect companion shards from the shop or battle royale pass soon!

Sara Character

This character has a unique ability when it comes to vehicles. She can enhance vehicles so they take less damage when she is riding in them. This only applies to EVO modes.

To see the full patch notes 0.15.5, check out the official update notes.

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