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Play PUBG Mobile on PC Without “Android Emulator Detected” | Bypass Detection Trick


As you already know there are various ways using which you can Play PUBG Mobile on PC. If you have played PUBG Mobile version on PC, you might have noticed a message that says “Android Emulator Detected”. We have got queries by our readers to Share any method using which they can Play PUBG Mobile on PC without Android Emulator Detection. We tried to figure out a way and luckily we found one. In this Article you will come to know about the Trick using which you can Play PUBG Mobile version on your PC without the “Android Emulator Detected” Message. Let’s get Started.

Bypass “PUBG Mobile Android Emulator Detector” ON PC

Whenever you Play PUBG Mobile on PC using any Android Emulator, PUBG servers automatically connects you to other players who are also using Android Emulator. This means that you won’t be able to connect to your Friends and Others who are playing PUBG Mobile on their Android Phones. The Trick that we are sharing today will remove this limitation. This means you will Play PUBG Mobile on PC and you will be able to connect with your Friends and others who are playing this game on their Smartphones.


  • Minimum 3 GB Ram
  • Minimum 3 GB of Free Hard Disk Space
  • LD player Android Emulator

Don’t be surprised when we mention an Android emulator software above. You will be able to Play PUBG mobile on your PC with by using it and there will not be any android emulator detected message.

Download & Install LD Player:

  • First of All You need to Download LD Player from Here
  • Once Downloaded, open up the Set up file and Click on InstallStep 1 Click on Install
  • Now the Installation will begin

Step 2 Installing

  • Once the Installation Completes, Click on”Try it Now”


Play PUBG Mobile on PC without  “Android Emulator Detected”

  • At this point, we are assuming that you have downloaded and installed LD Player using the Given Steps.
  • Now Open the LD Player, Open the Google Play Store and Sign in using your Gmail Account
  • Next Step is to Download & Install PUBG Mobile
  • You can Either Do this Automatically by play store method or manually by installing .apk file and copying obb data
  • Once done, you will see “PUBG Mobile” icon
  • Click on it to Start the Game
  • Now Enjoy PUBG mobile on PC without the “Android Emulator Detected” Notification


UPDATE – Some Users have mentioned that Still they See “Android Emulator Detector” Message. If you are also facing same issue, Continue Reading

PUBG Mobile Android Emulator Detected

  • Open LD Player and Click on “apk” and then select the path to “Jamu PUBG” apk file
  • Once Installed, open up the Jamu PUBG Link and Click on “Enable Anti Emulator”

  • Now you are Good to Go !

I am pretty sure now you will not see “Android Emulator Detected” Message again

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