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Register for PUBG Mobile India Tour – Prizes Pool of Rs 1.5 Cr


Hello, PUBG Mobile Lovers in India! Good news for you- PUBG Mobile India Tour is coming up with a prize pool of 1.5 Rupees Crores to be won. This is the golden chance for every PUBG Mobile Gamers to participate and win a huge sum of money in prizes. Participation in the PUBG Mobile Club Open is over. But this is your chance to make it big in a formal tournament. Let’s see the details here.

How to Register for PUBG Mobile India Tour?

PUBG Mobile has organized tournaments in the past and this time too. The PUBG Mobile India Tour is open for all Indian PUBG Mobile Players. You can register for the tournament in one of the three groups available. Check out the groups and timelines below.

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In order to register for PUBG Mobile India Tour, follow the steps below:

  • Open your PUBG Mobile and go to events
  • Then select Limited Time
  • Select the topmost option: PUBG Mobile India Tour
  • Click Register and follow the onscreen instruction from there

The Tournament is sponsored by OPPO featuring Oppo F11 Pro. It will be played in four groups – A, B, C, D. Select the group whose clock is greener because the greener the clock points, the more chances you have for winning.

PUBG Mobile has, in the past also organized the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC). We also featured the tournament’s final Day 2/3 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Finals Live Streaming | PMSC 2018 Watch Nowhere. But this time, the tournament is just getting more interesting.

Details of Oppo PUBG Mobile India Tour Prizes

So here are the prize details of the tournament. Take a look.

As you can see, the prizes are huge – really huge and not a small-time tournament prize set. The first prize winners will take home a grand Rs.50 Lakhs whereas the second-place teams will get Rs.20 Lakhs and third prize Rs.10 Lakhs. Apart from these, there are also other prizes such as Special awards, PUBG Mobile Swag, and fans’ favorite team awards.

More Prizes to be Won This Time

Here are more details into the prizes in addition to the above main prizes for the tournament.

1st ₹50,00,000
2nd ₹20,00,000
3rd ₹10,00,000
4th ₹5,00,000
5th ₹3,00,000
6th ₹2,50,000
7th ₹2,00,000
8th ₹1,50,000
9th ₹1,00,000
10th ₹,100,000
11th ₹60,000
12th ₹60,000
13th ₹60,000
14th ₹60,000
15th ₹60,000
16th ₹40,000
17th ₹40,000
18th ₹40,000
19th ₹40,000
20th ₹40,000

Besides these, there are also special prizes to be won. These are listed below:

Final Words

The Registration and Participation in PUBG Mobile India Tour is a limited time event so make sure you register well in time. With all the prizes in terms of tens of lakhs of Rupees, what are you waiting for? Guys this is some serious Gaming Entertainment Event to not miss out this year. Such a grand tournament does not come by often so get set and be prepared for that awesome chicken dinner. What’s left is to participate and be the best team and win the title.

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