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Best Way to Transfer Full PUBG Mobile File with OBB on New Phone [Working]


Hey guys, so you just got a new (and better) mobile phone to play PUBG Mobile? Here’s our guide on how to transfer a full PUBG Mobile file with OBB data to your new phone. These tips will really help you because you wouldn’t need to download the whole 2+GB of PUBG Mobile from Playstore. So here’s what you’ll need and how you can do it easily.

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Transfer Full PUBG Mobile File with OBB to Samsung, Redmi, Oppo or Vivo Smartphones

You can easily transfer full PUBG Mobile File with OBB file (or the additional files required for set up) to your new Samsung or Redmi or Oppo or Vivo phones. You can, in fact, transfer the full file to any new Android device. Here’s the step by step guide on how to do it.

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to install ShareIt if you do not already have – on both old and new phones.

  2. Go to send apps and select PUBG Mobile from your old phone. Select the additional OBB file as well.

  3. Pair both your old and new phones and accept the files being transferred to your new phone.

  4. Once the transfer is complete, install the app and run it once.

  5. It will say, download paused. Don’t worry, just exit the game.

  6. Now locate the OBB file that you have transferred from your old phone to your new phone.

  7. Move the OBB file to Internal Storage>>Android>> com.tencent.ig 

Now that you have successfully copied and finished transferring your massive PUBG Mobile to your new phone, you saved a whole lot of data and time. It’s that easy.

Transfer Full PUBG Mobile File with OBB to New Phone

Play PUBG Mobile from your new Phone

I have already done it so it should be easy for you. All your games data will be saved once you login to your account after opening the game again. PUBG Mobile is a great game so you may be getting a new smartphone just to play it. Even if you are getting a new device for whatever reason it may be, you don’t want to miss out on this game. So the above trick works pretty well with Android and you should be able to play the game on your new device within minutes after switching your device.

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